Friday, July 8

Our Beautiful Children

I know I have a biased opinion, but I'm allowed. Right?

Taelyn (3 years) & Brayden (6 months)

I love watching their personalities develop. I love watching their love for each other grow. I love hearing them laugh. I love spending time with them. I love watching them express their love for Jon and I. I love watching them play together. I love that she tries to lift him even though he is almost as big as she is. I love that she asks every day if he can walk yet. I love that she likes to feed him. I love watching his confusion when she is feeding him pretend food. I love that he always wakes up happy. I love that I'm learning how to help her to do the same. I love their excitement and enthusiasm. I love them. I love that they are patient with me as I learn. Mostly I just love being their mother.

Friday, January 28

The Good Things

So many good things have happened over the last few months. Because I've been so busy not talking (blogging) about the bad things, the good things have been skipped also. This is an attempt to remedy that and get back to posting.

Baby Blessing

Despite the craziness that happened that morning, we made it to the meeting and the blessing was beautiful. Thanks to all the family members who shared the special day with us.
The monkey toes are my favorite! They really are as long as they look. I love them.


My camera wigged on these first few photos, but they were too cute to not include.
Taelyn started the morning in Taryn's bed. Everyone else was ready to get up before she was.

This year was so much fun. I loved experiencing Christmas through a child's eyes again. However, if I had known the candy canes were going to be her favorite thing, I could have saved myself a lot of time and stress. We were able to talk her into finally looking at other things. At this point my battery died (yes, I really know how to plan ahead) and my mom started taking pictures with her camera. I still haven't gotten copies from her.


This is really slow in coming.

Grandma took Taelyn to buy a costume. They looked and looked and Taelyn insisted on the poke-a-dotted cow. It wasn't my favorite, but she couldn't have been happier. I need to send a huge THANK YOU to Malissa, who came up and took Taelyn to the ward trunk-or-treat so that Jon and I could stay home with Brayden. Taelyn had a blast!

Pumpkin Carving

The Fairy House

Tinkerbell is a big deal around our place. I need to get a picture of her fairy attire. One day Daddy had a little time on his hands, too many boxes, and the desire to impress his daughter (and impress her he did!). The pictures don't do this thing justice. It has two entrances, a tunnel, a closing window, a fancy window...and a heart shaped skylight.

I do have to add that periodically she takes her family reunion walking stick and beats on the boxes while yelling at the monsters to get out. Sometimes she tells them to go away and sometimes she tells them it is bed time.

The Circus

If the Halloween post was long overdue, I don't know what to call this!

We went to the circus back in September. I only took one picture of the actual act.

I had more fun taking Pictures of Taelyn. She was mesmorized. (I'm glad I took these when I did, because toward the end she was watching everything BUT the show. Apparently a 2-year-old doesn't have the attention span necessary for an entire performance...)

By the end she was beyond done. I really wanted to get a good picture, but she was ready to go home. Jon had to help her find her smile.

Visits from Taryn & Grandma

I wish I would take more pictures from these! My mom and Taryn have stayed with us several times. Taelyn love having them come (I'm sure it has nothing to do with the extra attention).
The next time we went to this store, Taelyn wanted to ride Pumba again. When I got ready to start it she told me I had to ride with her. Not. A. Chance.
Now whenever she finds quarters around the house she gets excited and says she'll put it in her purse so she can ride Pumba. When she finds dollar bills she gets really excited and yells "Now I can ride Pumba whole bunches of times!"

My Beautiful Daughter

As often as not, I look at Taelyn and think "What on Earth?". She makes us laugh so much. I need to record some of the funny things she says, but for now I'll leave you with these:
Why yes. Yes she is wearing her underwear on the outside of her pants. 4 pairs to be exact. And one sock. At least she has clothes on, right?